Face Shape Analysis: Discover Your True Face Shape

Uncover your face shape with our AI-powered Face Shape Detector. By analyzing your facial features, our technology provides a personalized face shape analysis. Whether you're curious or seeking styling advice, use the tool now to reveal your unique facial structure!

What Is My Face Shape?

Upload a photo to find out your face shape.

How to Make Face Shape Analysis More Accurate?

Getting an accurate face shape analysis with the "What Is My Face Shape" tool is essential for reliable results. By following a few simple guidelines when taking your photo, you can significantly improve the precision of the analysis. These tips ensure that the tool correctly identifies and evaluates your facial features, providing you with the most accurate face shape identification possible.

Take a Straight-On Photo

Position your face directly towards the camera to ensure all features are captured symmetrically.


Keep the Image Free of Other Faces

Make sure only your face is in the picture to avoid the tool analyzing additional faces, which could compromise the accuracy.


Avoid Photos That Are Far Away or Blurry

Ensure the photo is taken from a close distance with clear focus on your face to provide detailed and precise information for analysis.

What is "What Is My Face Shape"?

"What Is My Face Shape" is an innovative tool that analyzes your facial features to identify your face shape. Using advanced algorithms, it evaluates various facial landmarks to provide a precise percentage distribution of different face shapes. Whether you're curious about your face shape or seeking styling advice, this tool offers a fun and insightful way to understand your unique facial structure.

What Is My Face Shape: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How does the tool determine my face shape?
Is the face shape analysis accurate?
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What information do I need to provide?
Is my photo data safe?
Can I compare my face shape with others?
How long does it take to get my results?
Can I retake the analysis?
Is the tool free to use?

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